Jose Mourinho: The fun stops at Manchester United now

by Leo Nieboer

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho insists “the fun stops now” as the 2016/17 season draws nearer.

The 53-year-old’s comments come after he posted on his Instagram prior to Manchester United’s Community Shield game with Leicester City: “The journey starts tomorrow and ends 27th May. Thanks for sharing with me, I’ll see you again at Christmas.”

Mourinho joined Instagram soon after he took up the managerial post at Old Trafford, sharing various photos and videos of himself preparing for the new season with his 1.2m followers.

Speaking to BT Sport, the 53-year-old declared he is now abstaining from all Instagram activity as the new Premier League season approaches.

“Of course, tomorrow starts,” he said.

“Now I get serious, fun stops. I will be back for Christmas. I will share a nice family picture at Christmas and now no more fun.

“You experience the feel of the people [on Instagram]. It is good to understand the dynamic and understand why my players are so much in love with it and the reason why I cannot stop them to do it.”

This is a fitting example of Mourinho’s unyielding professionalism. His abstention from social media represents a potent change of tone; the cordial, observational Mourinho of pre-season is now seemingly replaced by the Mourinho we used to hate (but secretly admire) before he came to Old Trafford – that bloodthirsty, belligerent, serial winner, obsessive and comprehensive in his exploits.

Now that the 53-year-old has his complete 26 man squad, this change of tone will ultimately permeate this tight-knit, determined group.

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