Jose Mourinho excited about imminent inclusion of ‘phenomenal’ Paul Pogba

by Leo Nieboer

Jose Mourinho has expressed his enthusiasm at the prospect of welcoming Paul Pogba into the side in the coming weeks and has praised the attitude of his squad.

Pogba arrived at Old Trafford earlier this week for a world record sum of £89m, but was ineligible to feature in the opening game of the season against AFC Bournemouth due to a suspension received in the Coppa Italia.

Man United cruised to victory against Eddie Howe’s side without Pogba, running out at 3-1 winners as Juan Mata, Wayne Rooney and Zlatan Ibrahimovic all got on the scoresheet.

But with Pogba’s suspension now over, Mourinho made it clear that Pogba will now be a fundamental member of the squad.

“Paul Pogba is very good, he’s a phenomenal player. Our idea is that he will be a very important player for us,” he said.

“In August it can be frustrating for players not in the team, because it’s one game a week. But in September we have the League Cup, the Europa League starts and there’s international games. It’s a real marathon and then there’s space for everyone. That’s why we have such a good squad.

“I met a sad squad in my first day, a squad not happy with their situation. But I found immediately a team who want to work and win matches and titles, as well as making fans proud.”

When you break the world transfer record for a player, it stands to reason that their job is bigger than just being a piece that fits into the team. Rather, Pogba’s job is to take this squad to the next level, to act as the catalyst for an incessant supply of arrogant, swaggering performances and the axis for Mourinho’s preferred brand of physically strong and fast football.

With Pogba in midfield, Mourinho’s side suddenly comes across as built according to precise design – almost as if his capture is the last piece in the 53-year-old’s jigsaw.

And as United face Southampton in their first home game of the season this Friday, the world will be waiting to see just how frightening this line-up can be.

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