Jose Mourinho: Man United look at their strongest since Sir Alex Ferguson retired

by Tanveer Arayan

Jose Mourinho believes Manchester United are at their strongest since Sir Alex Ferguson retired.

Fans have suffered disappointing tenures under Louis van Gaal and David Moyes as Man United finished in seventh, fifth and fourth since Sir Alex retired.

However, Jose Mourinho has got his new era at Old Trafford off to a powerful start with back-to-back wins in the Premier League.

Speaking about his team, Mourinho claims they are playing differently and are showing signs of evolution.

“At this moment, it’s even more important to show evolution in our game and I think we are showing that,” he said.

“I agree we are not playing superb but I think anyone can see there are differences in relation to the past two or three years.

“The team is improving, the team is playing differently. The way the fans react, it is not just because of their passion for the club, it is also because they are happy with the signs of this evolution.

“The important number is to score one more goal than the opponent and at the moment we are scoring two more, so we are fine!”

Mourinho has a very strong personality, but most of what he is suggesting is very true, despite only being a couple games into the season, Man United have looked like a dominating force.

His new side not only keeps possession but can play the ball forward and make plenty of chances while scoring goals, they are a very strong side and rivals no longer feel they can come to Old Trafford and take a draw or win, which is something we have missed at the club.

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