Luke Shaw opens up about his double leg fracture at Manchester United

by Tanveer Arayan

Luke Shaw has revealed he still feels the effects of his double leg fracture after making a full recovery in June.

The youngster’s bright start to the 2015/16 season was cruelly cut short after he suffered a double leg break against PSV Eindhoven in September, ruling him out for the next ten months.

Manchester United fans greeted Shaw’s return to first-team football in June with universal joy. The defender has gone on to pick up from where he left off, producing a series of dominant displays at left-back under Jose Mourinho.

In an interview with the Guardian, Shaw admitted the ghastly effects of his injury are yet to fully subside.

“I still get aches. I don’t go a day without feeling it,” he said.

“It’s 100% better but it’s normal, apparently, to feel it after such a bad injury. In the first three or four weeks when I started training outside it felt good, but then all of a sudden it started aching. It didn’t hurt, but it was aching and aching and even before I went out I could feel it and I was thinking: ‘F*ck … is it ever going to go away?’”

I can, from a personal point of view, somewhat relate to what Shaw is talking about. An ACL rupture sidelined me for 12 months, and although I fully recovered a year ago, the effects of the trauma still fester quietly in the background.

But if Shaw is feeling any discomfort, it certainly doesn’t manifest itself on the pitch: the 21-year-old has calmly restored his status as first choice left back through a selection of solid, energetic and reliable displays.

Seeing the Englishman bombing up and down the flank this season – robbing attackers of the ball and setting up attacks in equal measure – makes you think how detrimental his injury was to the side last season, and how things may have panned out if the talented youngster wasn’t sidelined.

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