Manchester United fans divided over Paul Pogba’s performance against Hull City

by Leo Nieboer

Paul Pogba’s display in Manchester United’s 1-0 win over Hull City received a mixed reception from supporters.

The Frenchman was, once again, a constant presence in the heart of Man United’s midfield, charging around the pitch, trying to force the issue against a rigid side. However, this rampaging attitude occasionally led to the 23-year-old making a poor decision on the ball.

Some United fans admired Pogba’s effervescence against Hull, and were quick to praise the midfielder. Others, however, were not so complimentary.

It is a rule of thumb that a player who breaks the world transfer record receives an avalanche of scrutiny from all corners of the globe. It’s just how it works.

Pogba, despite being experienced for a 23-year-old, would have never come across an encounter like this: away from home in the Premier League, against a brutally compact and dedicated Hull side, with the rain teeming down. For anyone making their first Premier League away start, such an environment would have been scathing.

And even in such an environment, the Frenchman, with every passage of play passing through him, still acted as the heartbeat of the game. One does have to concede that, in comparison to his debut, Pogba’s manipulation of the ball wasn’t as acute, but his unshakeable work rate and conviction acted as the centrepiece to United’s second half onslaught, culminating in Marcus Rashford‘s injury time winner.

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