Jose Mourinho: I would have no problem dropping Wayne Rooney at Man United

by Tanveer Arayan

Jose Mourinho insists he would have no problem dropping Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney.

He has had an average start to the season and was below par in the first-half of Man United’s 1-0 victory over Hull City.

Despite his match-winning contribution setting up Marcus Rashford for the 92 minute winner, Mourinho was critical of his performance and claimed he is not afraid to drop the Englishman if required.

“I can take him out. It’s no problem for me to take him out, no problem for him to be out,” he said.

“But I was just reading the game and feeling that playing with the two strikers, Marcus and Zlatan, I needed Mkhitaryan and Rooney just inside because the full-backs were the ones playing really wide on the touchline.

“He was like the team. The first half he was okay but the team was a little bit slow in the transitions.

“The team wasn’t playing with the intensity that we need and he was part of it. In the second half when the team brought a different gear, he did the same.

“And when I put him playing from the outside, with the two strikers in the middle, him and Mkhitaryan developed a lot of our attacking waves, so I’m very happy with him.”

Mourinho hasn’t been afraid of benching important players at his previous clubs and it’s good to know he is willing to drop Rooney to get the best out of him.

Louis van Gaal and David Moyes seemed afraid to drop the Englishman, playing him each week wether he performed or not.

Dropping him from the squad will show him he’s not irreplaceable and will give him the right competition he needs to start performing again.

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