Video: Paul Pogba shows off Manchester United themed haircut

by Leo Nieboer

Paul Pogba has revealed his new Manchester United themed haircut via social media.

The midfielder, who broke the world transfer record over the summer, has made an excellent start to life at Old Trafford, acting as the binding force in midfield during wins over Southampton and Hull City.

Pogba, soon after he completed his move to Man United, posted a video showing off his new haircut, with the caption: “new hair, new jersey, new season.”

And ahead of the Manchester derby, the 23-year-old has made another trip to the barbers, going for a snake-like pattern with United colours.

If you haven’t noticed, Pogba isn’t one who dips under the radar. The Frenchman is football’s very own movie star: featuring in music videos, sporting illustrious new haircuts and doing Zlatan Ibrahimovic impressions all contribute towards Pogba’s celebrity-like persona.

And that aura of stardom, that desire to be the centre of attention is manifested on the pitch as well. He may have only played two games so far, but it is clear that Pogba will act as the lynchpin of this United side. Everything goes through the Frenchman: he is the mediator between defence and attack; his bombastic style makes it seem as if there exists no gap between the defensive and offensive.

One should remember that Pogba is still in the nascent stages of not just his time at United, but his career in general. The 23-year-old will continue to develop – a terrifying prospect for rival supporters.

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