Jurgen Klopp: Manchester United’s Paul Pogba is similar to Diego Maradona

by Tanveer Arayan

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has compared Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba to Diego Maradona.

Klopp has been impressed with the Frenchman since his arrival at Old Trafford this summer from Juventus.

Pogba was only able to attend two training sessions before playing a full 90 minutes against Southampton in the Premier League and the German coach claims he has a talent only special players like Maradona have.

“We all saw Paul Pogba. He was here, he was there, selfie, selfie, 9,000 of them, all summer,” he said.

“Then he comes to Manchester United has, what, two training sessions, and plays 90 minutes against Southampton. You think, how?

“They’re different. Diego Maradona was different. He never really trained. He would warm up with his shoes undone. I saw him playing in Stuttgart with Napoli when I was 21.

“Watching him warm up, I could not close my mouth. It was so low intensity. He was walking. And then he went and outplayed the whole stadium. Unbelievable.

“Barcelona are like that. They play all over, they go to so many places they don’t know where they are.”

The Frenchman had been keeping fit all summer whether it was muay thai, gym work or even playing basketball with Romelu Lukaku, Pogba has done an excellent job of keeping in shape over the summer.

He left Man United as a youngster with plenty of potential, but returns to the club as one of the best midfielders in the world at the age of 23.

Pogba still has plenty of time left to develop into an even better player during his time at Man United and the thought of him improving will definitely be a scary one for opponents.

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