Wayne Rooney frustrates in midfield role for England against Slovakia

by Sam Peoples

It seems it isn’t just Manchester United fans who are getting frustrated with Wayne Rooney at the moment.

Sam Allardyce decided to start Rooney in a deep central midfield role against Slovakia and needless to say he was no good in that position. He was so deep at times that he looked like a defensive midfielder more than anything else and it’s not the first time we’ve seen that from Rooney.

Jose Mourinho is shoehorning Rooney into his Man United team and I’d hazard a guess Allardyce is going to do the same:



Rooney needs to play as a striker or nowhere else. His hunger to play football means he probably wouldn’t even complain if he got asked to play in goal but his natural position is up front, that’s where he has made his career. The problem is at both club and country level he’s got better players ahead of him now, so he’s forcing his way into teams in different positions.

As well as that, Allardyce said he couldn’t stop Rooney from playing deeper and just let him play where he wanted to. Eh? You’re the manager, you can do what you want with the players and their positions. Sounds like we could have another manager who panders to Rooney.

Allardyce called Rooney’s performance brilliant in his post-match reaction. Am I being overly harsh here? Did Allardyce see a different performance altogether? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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