Peter Shilton: Wayne Rooney should have retired after Euro 2016

by Leo Nieboer

Former England goalkeeper Peter Shilton believes Wayne Rooney should have retired after Euro 2016.

The 30-year-old was blasted from all corners following England’s shambolic second round defeat to Iceland at Euro 2016, with many calling for the captain’s omission from the side.

However, despite the widespread derision, Rooney recently announced that he would continue to represent his country for two more years, retiring after the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Speaking with the BBC, Shilton, who represented England for 20 years, claimed Rooney made the wrong decision in continuing with England after the calamity of Euro 2016.

“I don’t think he’s a striker anymore,” said Shilton.

“We are trying to fit him in, but he’s not a midfield player for me. Never will be.

“I thought he should have retired after the Euros. It’s not because he could break my record. Far from it. If he does and he plays well, fine.”

Alan Shearer, another established England great, expressed similar sentiments on the topic of Rooney. The former striker, following Euro 2016, made the bold assertion that Rooney should retire from international football in an attempt to prolong his Manchester United career.

Shouldering the burden of captaining both club and country is clearly impinging on the 30-year-old’s already fading qualities, and as Man United’s first-team begins to swarm with excellent attacking options, the captain is at risk of dissolving into irrelevance if he doesn’t place full emphasis on his exploits at Old Trafford.

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