Video: Wayne Rooney shoves Pep Guardiola after preventing quick throw-in

by Tanveer Arayan

Wayne Rooney let his temper get the best of him after he shoved Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola during the Manchester derby.

In a game dominated by Guardiola’s side, Rooney was clearly frustrated throughout the game, letting possession slip easily and going in for silly tackles.

Pep tried to hide the ball behind his back, but Rooney wasn’t in the mood for games after Kevin de Bruyne’s early strike.

Here’s a video of what happened.

Fans were urging Mourinho to take Rooney off after a shocking showing, but it only got worse after he lashed out on Pep and then went in on Claudio Bravo, picking up a yellow card in the second-half.

It hasn’t been the first time Guardiola has messed around with players on the pitch after he stopped Cristiano Ronaldo taking a quick throw-in during a fiery El Clasico encounter in 2010.

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