Antoine Griezmann shares France tribute including Paul Pogba and Eric Cantona

by Sam Peoples

Antoine Griezmann at Manchester United is a pipe dream unless Diego Simeone leaves Atletico Madrid but it doesn’t stop fans getting excited at the thought of him joining the club.

So, when Griezmann uploaded a post to his Instagram which included Paul Pogba and Eric Cantona then there’s obviously going to be some tongues wagging – mine included.

? ? #TopDuTop #AhOuiHein

A photo posted by Antoine Griezmann (@antogriezmann) on

I’ve made it abundantly clear how I feel Wayne Rooney is holding back Man United at the moment and the thought of replacing him in that No.10 role with Griezmann is, well, eye-watering.

Griezmann’s performances at Euro 2016 were superb and he was the main reason France reached the final. It was very much a tournament where he came of age which might sound like a strange thing to say given that he is 25 but he’s now the central figure for both club and country, so he’s a genuine superstar now.

Is there any chance Griezmann could call Old Trafford home at some point? Probably not but then again I never thought Pogba would come home so what do I know?

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