Jose Mourinho has complete faith in Paul Pogba

by Sam Peoples

Jose Mourinho has made it clear he has no qualms with Paul Pogba at the moment and has dismissed suggestions that his price-tag means he should be playing instantly better.

Pogba became the world’s most expensive player in a move to Manchester United this summer from Juventus which was worth around £90m, completing his return to the club he left four years previously.

Despite a strong start against Southampton in his debut, Pogba has been somewhat muted since which has immediately drawn huge criticism from the wider press. Yet, those pressures only exist externally and Mourinho is happy with how Pogba’s started at Man United.

Speaking about Pogba, Mourinho said: “You make a relation between what you pay and the club revenue, and realise that other clubs paying 20, 30, 40 [million pounds] is a much bigger thing than what Man United did.

“I just want Paul to forget that and to play his football. [Having had] no pre-season, he had a very good impact in the first game and it’s normal that, after that, he has a little decrease.

“But I’m full of trust in him because I know the player he is; I know he’s a very good guy with a lot of ambition, so the form will come naturally. As the team improves, form improves.”

Like Mourinho, the fans have every belief in Pogba and there will not be any extra pressure added onto him. What do people expect him to do? Score two goals every game right from his debut and continue doing that every match this season? It’s not realistic.

That being said, we all do expect him to impose himself a bit more in games and that’s probably where the pressures are coming from. Pogba isn’t controlling the midfield as much as he should and that is something he certainly needs to improve.

Bit by bit and game by game Pogba will improve, he’ll get better and find the sort of form which he had for so long at Juventus. Once that happens, United will have one of the best players in the Premier League.

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