Watford vs Manchester United: Shocking defending for Watford’s goals

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United’s awful defending against Watford was so bad that it simply can’t be ignored after the final whistle.

Here is the first goal for Watford:
watford-defending 2
There are so many errors here that it’s painful. Where is Paul Pogba? Why is Marouane Fellaini at centre-back and not on the edge of the box? Why is Wayne Rooney not in front of Capoue and defending as he’s part of a midfield three? Why was Luke Shaw in front of Anthony Martial when he was fouled?

Unfortunately, the second goal made for viewing which was just as painful:
Why are Fellaini and Pogba within ten feet of each other both in the wrong position running for the ball instead of covering the late runners into the box? Why is Wayne Rooney literally standing still instead of busting his balls to get back?

It was truly atrocious defending and exposed both Fellaini and Pogba’s lack of positional discipline in defensive situations as well as Rooney as a midfielder. This isn’t an agenda, this is simply what United did wrong against Watford.

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