Man United players shocked by Jose Mourinho’s treatment of Luke Shaw

by Leo Nieboer

Manchester United players were reportedly shocked by Jose Mourinho’s treatment of Luke Shaw following the 3-1 defeat to Watford on Sunday.

The 53-year-old singled out Luke Shaw‘s failure to track Daryl Janmaat for Watford’s second goal as the main reason behind Man United’s third consecutive loss.

It has also been reported by The Times that Shaw was carrying an injury throughout the contest at Vicarage Road.

In the aftermath of the defeat, United players were understandably troubled by Mourinho’s arbitrary lambasting of the youngster.

It is hard to pinpoint what is most startling about Mourinho’s treatment of Shaw: publicly chastising somebody who has encountered high levels of physical and psychological unrest during a short career (it should be noted that the 21-year-old employs a therapist to help with the pressures of being a United player) is, in itself, startling.

But perhaps more deplorable is Mourinho’s decision to ignore his blatantly misguided game plan, alongside failing to point out the abject performances from both Wayne Rooney and Paul Pogba, choosing to pick out Shaw in spite of what was a solid performance from the left back.

This is, unfortunately, a common feature under Mourinho – to blame young, bright English players whilst ignoring the inadequacies of high profile members of his squad. Joe Cole at Chelsea is a case in point, likewise with Jesse Lingard following the defeat to Manchester City last week.

Such misplaced derision is quite frankly Orwellian, and Mourinho runs the risk of hindering his positive relationship with players and supporters if it continues.

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