Wayne Rooney responds to critics about his Man United form

by Sam Peoples

Wayne Rooney has responded to his critics with an appearance on MUTV where he said he continued to ignore wider fan opinion and concentrate on his own game.

Over the years Rooney has gone through bad patches where he’s been on the wrong end of some scrutiny but this current wave feels more intense than usual because fans have lost patience with him being in the team ahead of other, better players.

Despite that, Rooney is focusing on himself but admits Man United have some work to do overcome the bad week we’ve just had.

Speaking on MUTV about United’s form, he said: “That’s football, I think. We don’t win in three games and, of course, everyone is going to talk about it. We had a bad week, a bad eight days where we’ve lost three games, and it’s important now we react well to that and come through that.”

When discussing the criticism aimed towards himself, he added: “Yeah, I think I’ve had that my whole career – a little bit more of late, I think, but that’s football. I listen to my coaches and my team-mates, the people around me, and I don’t really listen to what a lot of people out there are saying because a lot of it is rubbish.

“I have to focus, work hard, of course, and I’ve done that throughout my career. I’ve worked hard and tried to do my best for the team.

“I’ve done that [played in different positions] throughout my career. I feel I can play in all positions but I think the manager has made it clear either I’ll play up front or in the no.10 and that’s where he sees me playing. As I said before, it’s not just myself – the whole team is going in and working hard. We had a bad week but we’ve been working hard to put that right.”

I have to give Rooney credit here – it’s a smart move to appear on MUTV and comment on his form. It’s the safest environment possible as he was never going to get pushed on his form or asked questions which could force him into any awkward situations. Maybe I’m looking into everything Rooney does with too much detail but I’m finding it hard not to be cynical about him at the moment. That being said, I know footballers have to remain thick skinned to criticism otherwise they’d all crumble too quickly.

Plus, it’s great to hear Rooney basically ignores what the fans have to say about him. Thanks for that Wayne.

Rooney is likely to be rested for Man United’s game against Leicester City given his current form because Jose Mourinho can’t justify starting him any more, he’s had ample opportunities to earn himself a place in the team which he’s failed to do. Now he’s got to work his way back into it just like any other player, at least that’s how it should be.

Once upon a time Rooney was Mr. Indispensable for United but that was some time ago and now heading into what is set to be a crucial few fixtures for United with Leicester, Liverpool, Chelsea and Man City coming up, he’s got to up his game if he wants to play.

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