Photos: Anthony Martial in training ahead of Zorya clash

by Leo Nieboer

Anthony Martial has been pictured working hard ahead of Manchester United’s Europa League clash with Ukrainian side Zorya Luhansk.

The Frenchman didn’t feature in wins over Northampton Town and Leicester City after suffering a nasty head injury against Watford.

However, Martial has returned to training and will be in line to face Yuriy Vernydub’s side on Thursday.

After what was a rip-roaring first campaign at Man United, Martial finds himself struggling to unearth that unstoppable attacking zeal under Jose Mourinho.

But at the age of 20, a sudden dip in form is normal, and perhaps actually necessary when it comes to morphing into a mature, well-rounded player.

It is also worth noting that Martial, under Mourinho, is being asked to carry out a very different role to the one that saw him decimate defenders last season: a feature of any Mourinho side is wingers who work back with the midfield, often level with central midfielders and frequently moving inside. This is something that, at such a young age, can be difficult to master, but is also a role that many have perfected, such as Samuel Eto’o at Inter Milan.

After an unpleasant injury and a wilt in potency, a goal against Zorya could be exactly what the Frenchman needs in order to kickstart his season.

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