Laurent Koscielny: Paul Pogba needs time to progress at Manchester United

by Leo Nieboer

Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny insists Paul Pogba will need time to acclimatise at Manchester United.

Pogba returned to Old Trafford for a world record £89m fee back in August, sending shockwaves of enthusiasm around all corners of Man United’s fanbase.

However, the Frenchman has only managed to show glimpses of his brilliance during the opening stages of his second spell at United, causing pundits and rival supporters to question his astronomical fee.

Speaking on the subject of Pogba, Koscielny was quick to defend his French team-mate.

“Because of his transfer and his status, we demand a lot from Paul Pogba”, he said.

“We’ve got to leave him in peace so he can progress.”

The world of transfers has, in the past ten years or so, gone far beyond the realms of sanity – so much so, in fact, that the idea of a ‘reasonable’ fee has more or less completely dissolved. And as a result, there is no way to actually determine whether a player’s performance befits his fee.

I mean, has John Stones played in a way that justifies his £50m price tag? What about Gonzalo Higuain – has he proven to be worth every penny of the £76m Juventus paid for him? The truth is that nobody can really say anymore.

This is why widespread derision thrown in Pogba’s direction is, in most cases, simply unfair. “He cost £89m, he should be doing better than that” is a common line used when observing the 23-year-old’s performances under Jose Mourinho. And yet, such a remark is based on the assumption that we know how to correlate a player’s fee with his performance – a clear fallacy. Money aside, Pogba is an obvious talent, and United fans will excited to see how he develops in the coming months.

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