Marcus Rashford reveals his ambition with Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

Marcus Rashford is our kid. We already love him and the Wythenshawe born Manchester United academy graduate is only going from strength to strength with each passing game.

Having met him at the FIFA 17 UK launch event, he’s exactly the same off the bench as he is on it; cool, calm and composed, as nonchalant as you get and in a nice little feature on he’s opened up about his ambition with the club as well as a few other things.

I completely agree with Rashford – winning the Champions League would be mint and I hope he’s able to part of a team which experienced the glory of it back in 1999 and 2008.

It’s also interesting to hear Rashford name Laurent Koscielny as the toughest defender he’s faced. I didn’t expect that and Arsenal fans will probably love the fact he’s said it, although he hardly stopped him scoring twice on his Premier League debut. If he can score two against the hardest defender he’s played, what else can he do in the future?

I love Rashford, no two ways about it, and there isn’t a player who I’ve been more excited about watching their development in recent years than him.

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