Liverpool fans furious with Jose Mourinho’s park the bus tactics at Anfield

by Leo Nieboer

Liverpool supporters were positively fuming with Jose Mourinho’s approach to Manchester United’s 0-0 draw on Monday night.

The visiting side delivered a typical Mourinho performance at Anfield, placing emphasis on discipline, structure and discipline.

Mourinho’s plan was executed perfectly, and Liverpool – having scored 16 goals in their previous five games – were in turn unable to lay a glove on Man United for most of the evening.

Liverpool supporters, somewhat inevitably, were furious at the final whistle.

Yes, that is boiled p*ss you can smell there. The fact that Mourinho arrived at Anfield with a plan, carried it out and came away unscathed is too much to handle for Liverpool supporters, who, after seeing their dispatch the likes of Hull and Leicester City, probably expected to dispatch Man United on Monday night.

As it was, Mourinho prevailed over Jurgen Klopp in what was a heavily built-up tactical battle. His emphasis on packing the midfield, whilst keeping his wingers on the byline, meant that Liverpool – an effervescent force at home so far this season – couldn’t find space in behind United’s full-backs, and were in turn forced to play in front of the back four.

One can perhaps sympathise with the frustration of Liverpool fans, though. After all, the scars still run deep from Mourinho’s visit to Anfield in 2014, where he essentially ruined their best chance of winning a title in 25 years by employing a similar style.

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