Ryan Giggs explains why Marouane Fellaini is always picked in big games

by Abhishek Chaudhuri

Ryan Giggs feels Marouane Fellaini‘s physical presence is one of the major reasons why he is always a part of Manchester United’s big games.

Despite losing his place in the starting XI following Ander Herrera‘s prowess as a holding midfielder, the Belgian was included in the starting XI against Liverpool on Monday night.

The 28-year-old can’t be compared to past Man United greats, but Fellaini possesses the ability to frustrate the opponents just with his physical presence on the pitch.

Speaking about why Fellaini is always selected in big games, Giggs revealed it’s because he’s easy to coach.

“When you coach him, he does exactly what you say. You tell him to do one thing and he’ll do it,” he said.

“He always keeps you interested and he’s always going to produce a goal. And if you see him going up front, he’s going to cause problems for the opposition.

“He is what he is. But, on his day, as he’s shown in big games, he can be a nuisance.”

Although the Belgian failed to create a threat in front of goal, his disciplined display at Anfield made sure Liverpool couldn’t get through on the offensive.

At 6’4″, the Belgian brute’s presence makes it difficult for any opposition to play the ball around easily, add to that his tendency to get into physical battles and the ability to stick to tactics, we have a midfielder who can be quite a handful for any team.

He’s not the most graceful player on the ball, but the fact that Fellaini has kept his place in the team under three managers at the club shows the kind of impact he has on the team.

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