Jose Mourinho: I am Manchester United 100 percent now

by Sam Peoples

Jose Mourinho has made it clear to Chelsea fans that he is 100 percent involved with Manchester United now and has no affection for the London club in that respect ahead of his return to Stamford Bridge.

The Portuguese boss was responsible for changing Chelsea from a small club into one which has now won four Premier League titles but after he was acrimoniously sacked last year, he replaced Louis van Gaal at Man United.

He’ll be playing at Stamford Bridge today for the first time as an away manager and ahead of the game, Mourinho has put his cards on the table and opened up about how he feels as United boss now.

“There is one thing that Chelsea fans can be sure of now: I am Manchester United 100 per cent,” Mourinho said.

“I want to win with United and make them the best, but I will always be respectful to Chelsea and it doesn’t matter what happens. I will never lose that feeling of respect towards the club.

“I have loved every club that I have worked for. I have this professional heart that makes me connect 101 per cent with my club.

“When I was growing up in Portugal, I was not a born Porto supporter – but I still gave my life to Porto. I also gave my life to Madrid, I gave my life to Inter and I gave my life to Chelsea.

“Now I give my life to United. That is my professional nature. So I am 100 per cent United now.”

Mourinho might have won the league three times with Chelsea but he was kicked out of the club last year and in his post-match interview after they lost to Leicester City, the fact he felt his players betrayed him says it all – he’d lost that affection. Respect might still be there but the affection has been lost.

Love him or loathe him, Mourinho is an all-in manager and going to Stamford Bridge today United fans are desperate for us to win there for the first time since 2012. It would be mint to see Chelsea fans fawning over Mourinho and singing his name, only for United to then pump them and leave them more angry and confused than Wayne Rooney. Please make it happen!

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