Ryan Giggs slams attitude of Man United players after Chelsea defeat

by Sam Peoples

Ryan Giggs is furious with Manchester United’s players for their cosy attitude with Chelsea players after the full-time whistle at Stamford Bridge.

Some Man United players swapped shirts and jollied with handshakes and smiles despite getting humiliated by Chelsea and that’s not something Giggs thinks the players should be doing at all.

Speaking straight after the game, Giggs said: “You can get beat in a football match, but then when you’re getting beat and you’re swapping shirts – which is something I don’t like, call me old fashioned,” Giggs said

“If you get beat 4-0, you congratulate the opposition, you thank the supporters and then you get off the pitch.

“You don’t stand around on the pitch, swapping shirts and laughing, with the team that’s just beat you.”

I don’t think Giggs is being old fashioned here at all, he’s absolutely spot on. Shake the hands of Chelsea players, congratulate them but that’s about it. At a time where fans are clearly going to question whether players properly care about playing for the shirt, seeing something like this will infuriate us and it has.

United’s players have got to take a look in the mirror. They’ve embarrassed the club, embarrassed the fans, embarrassed the shirt, embarrassed Mourinho and embarrassed themselves. After a hard fought draw and a smashing win over Fenerbahce, that’s four steps backwards.

With Manchester City coming up in a few days, United are now under intense pressure to win and if we don’t? Well, that’s going to be a barrel of laughs.

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