Jose Mourinho dismayed by Manchester United’s club culture

by Sam Peoples

Jose Mourinho is shocked by the culture of Manchester United behind the scenes and is systematically reviewing every aspect relating to first-team football.

The BBC reports that the general ethos of the club isn’t what he expected it to be, from the medical department through to fitness and pre-season planning, and he wants the whole thing to be looked over and improved.

This is something that has been needed for some time now and I think Mourinho is absolutely right to question the culture of United, firstly with the attitude of some players which he has already publicly called into question.

Take time to think about what’s happened in the last three years and the picture becomes clearer. Sir Alex Ferguson’s three decades of work was taken on by David Moyes who decided to not keep any backroom staff and shake it up completely. It didn’t work, the club was thrown into turmoil and he was sacked less than a year later.

Then followed Louis van Gaal, a man so driven by his own principles and philosophy that he almost become blinded by his own misgivings. For two years he embedded that at United, it didn’t work. Like a bad cocktail, those two tenures mixed into a broth which Jose Mourinho came and took control of.

A few months into the job, Mourinho has had the time to fully assess everything and he’s clearly not happy. It’s really not a surprise to me and there are parallels to when Fergie took over; Jose has inherited a club with a culture he’s not happy about that has a bunch of quality players who aren’t living up to expectations and the pressures on him to succeed are huge. It’s a mantle which not many can take on and one which two managers have failed in three years.

Following Fergie was one of the hardest jobs football and that task hasn’t been made any easier by the failures of Moyes and van Gaal. Piece by piece I have total confidence in Mourinho’s ability to rebuild United’s identity and image, on and off the pitch, and bring us back up to challenge for titles which is exactly where we should be.

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