Manchester United’s U18s are the club’s most exciting squad this season

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United’s U18s continued their fantastic season with a 4-0 destruction away at Newcastle United on Sunday.

Goals from Angel Gomes, Callum Gribbin, Joshua Bohui and Indy Boonen gave Man United a comfortable win and that now means our U18s have scored a whopping 34 goals in just 12 games so far.

Throughout the whole squad, there are so many exciting players. In Gomes we’ve got a 16-year-old who is taking the U18s by storm with seven goals in ten starts and he is understandably in the spotlight right now because he’s so consistently impressive, even with England’s U17s who he captained to an 8-1 win over Germany recently.

But it isn’t just Gomes. You’ve got Boonen who has been superb on the wing this year having provided six goals and three assists in nine starts himself. The young Belgian attacker really has progressed so well under the tutelage of Kieran McKenna who has hit the ground running since becoming our U18s boss having joined from Spurs this summer.

Then there is Tahith Chong, the Dutch winger who Man United had to fight for to sign this summer from Feyenoord. He’s so graceful to watch because for a player with such height, and one hell of an afro, his turn of pace and close ball control are mesmerising in a player of that stature. He looks a real gem.

And it’s somewhat strange for United to have a variety of striker options because typically at U18s we struggle in that area. However, both Burkart and Bohui have added a real threat up front and we’re reaping the rewards of that.

Manchester City’s U18s are looking phenomenal atop the table at the minute but United are going toe-to-toe with them and in a season where our U23s and first-team are struggling to find real consistency and entertain, United’s U18s are our showpiece side this year and are certainly the most enjoyable to watch at the minute.

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