Gary Neville: Wayne Rooney has a big career decision to make at Manchester United

by Tanveer Arayan

Gary Neville claims Wayne Rooney has a big decision to make on his Manchester United future this season.

The Englishman has lost his automatic starter status for club and country in recent times and has been named as a substitute five times already this season under Jose Mourinho.

He was dropped for the 4-1 victory over Leicester City in September, which was one of our best performances of the season and others on the team have shown they have more to offer.

Speaking about Rooney’s situation, Neville expects the 31-year-old to fight for his spot back in the team.

“At the moment, the way Rooney fits into the jigsaw is that he plays some games and doesn’t play others,” he said. “He’s arrived at that period in his career where ultimately, that’s how it’s going to be for him.

“But that’s not a criticism, that’s just a happening. That’s what happens to all players as they get into their 30s, they don’t play every single week Wednesday-Saturday, Wednesday-Saturday.

“His performances haven’t been up to his level for the past eight to 12 months. Mourinho has left him out in the past months, he’s put other players in, and it’s for Wayne

“That’s something Wayne Rooney has to decide over the next six, 12 months or whatever that will be. It’s not a choice Manchester United can make, as long as he has a contract. It’s his choice.

“You’ve got to remember, he’s only been out of the team for four weeks. He’ll still be in the mindset of fighting to get back into the team and playing every game.”

Reports claim Rooney will be on the bench against Arsenal even though he has seen an improvement in form against the likes of Swansea City and Scotland while on international duty.

As Neville claims, he has a big decision to make and it remains to be seen whether he’ll have a big role to play at Old Trafford under the Portuguese boss.

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