Antonio Valencia continues impressive form after returning from surgery

by Sam Peoples

Antonio Valencia put in another fine performance in only his second game back from surgery in Manchester United’s 4-0 win over Feyenoord tonight.

Valencia only had surgery on a fractured arm a few weeks ago but surprisingly returned to action sooner than most expected with what was a man of the match performance against Arsenal.

He has now followed that up with another superb shift at right-back in a game which is only going to put him further into the good books of Jose Mourinho.

The stats speak for themselves on this one. Valencia found his man with his crosses, grabbed an assist, was spot on with his passes and tackled where he needed to. For a player who we all know isn’t a natural right-back, that was a fantastic game for the Ecuadorian.

I’ve questioned Valencia’s ability as a right-back for a long time but this season his startlingly good consistency this season has made me re-think my doubts about him.

There are players who transition away from being a winger to become a right-back and it really looks like under the stewardship of Jose Mourinho that Valencia has made that full transformation. Fair play to him and well done.

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