Jose Mourinho says he won’t stop anyone leaving Manchester United if they’re frustrated

by Sam Peoples

Jose Mourinho has made it clear he will not stand in the way of any player who wanted to leave Manchester United because they were frustrated.

While some players have been frozen out, Mourinho praised the response he has seen from them and by all accounts it sounds like his style of management is acting as a galvanising tool so far rather than causing division.

That being said, it may well happen in the future and if it does Mourinho won’t block players leaving Man United if they so wished.

“I have to understand that frustration is something that comes to the players now and again in certain moments of their careers and seasons,” he explained.

“Frustration is something that arrives and we will analyse it if anyone who shows me that frustration has a desire to leave.

“For me, it’s very comfortable to have all of them. But it hurts me.”

In the summer Mourinho did block people from leaving. Matteo Darmian is one player which springs to mind but that’s because he didn’t know enough about his players at that time, he wanted to give them an opportunity to impress.

However, come next year Mourinho will know his players inside out and those who aren’t up to scratch will be sold regardless of whether or not they are frustrated. As for those who Mourinho may want to keep but want to leave, I do think it’s always right to let a player go if he doesn’t want to be here anymore.

Even when we kept Cristiano Ronaldo for another year, you could see his heart wasn’t in it any more in the same way and anybody Mourinho kept on would befall the same fate. Who will those players be, if any? Nobody knows at this stage but what is clear at United is that over the next two summers there will be plenty more departures as Mourinho shapes his squad.

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