Jamie Carragher: This is the problem with Marouane Fellaini at Man United

by Leo Nieboer

Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher believes Marouane Fellaini‘s clumsiness serves as his main problem at Manchester United.

The Belgian provoked an explosion of widespread derision and anger after he gave away a needless penalty during Man United’s draw with Everton last weekend.

United fans, evidently sick of the midfielder’s foibles, welcomed the news of a potential loan move to West Ham United for the 29-year-old with open arms.

Carragher, speaking on Monday Night Football, noted that the Belgian’s clumsy style precipitated a number of problems.

“He sees the danger, but doesn’t stop himself, and runs into him [Idrissa Gueye],” he said.

“Fellani is a clumsy player, he is, we see that with his elbows, knees, he’s that type of player you come up against in training.

“He can’t but help hurt you. He just runs into people, and when you put him in that position, in front of the back four, he is liable to do these things.”

Fellaini is by far the least relaxing player to watch at United. He almost looks as if his torso was constructed to a normal size, whilst his head, hair, arms and legs all somehow morphed into a size far bigger than they should be. Kind of like those strange dolls your grandma always had lying around.

This, as we have seen, leads to mixed results on a football pitch. Sometimes the Belgian’s flailing limbs and bombastic, semi-controlled approach can serve a function. More often than not, though, it precipitates uncertainty, dysfunction and, well, moments of sheer catastrophe – as the Belgian expertly demonstrated last weekend.

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