Phil Jones explains impressive form under Jose Mourinho at Manchester United

by Tanveer Arayan

Phil Jones has explained why he’s performed so well under Jose Mourinho at Manchester United this season.

He is halfway through his sixth season at Old Trafford and insists he has started to look after his body more than when he was younger.

The Englishman has kickstarted his career under the Portuguese boss and has been in spectacular form since his return to action in November after being out injured since January.

Speaking about his situation, Jones has revealed he is now just as focused on his recovery from matches as he is his preparation.

“I think as I’ve got older I’ve become wiser to recovery and realised how important it is,” he said. “When I was younger you think you know it all and after games you probably just go for some food or sit on your PlayStation. Now I take it a lot more seriously and recover properly because I know I need to give myself the best possible chance to be as fresh and as fit as I can for the next game.”

On the subject of working with Mourinho, Jones continues: “It’s brilliant. He’s shown a lot of confidence and belief in me and hopefully I’m repaying that. I’m not a player who needs telling every day in training ‘you’re brilliant, you’re this, you’re that’… but it’s always nice to hear comments from the manager and people around that you’re doing well.

“I’m not under any illusions though, in this game you can be up there one minute and down the next, so I need to keep going game by game and keep improving.”

He has been incredible since his return and would have undoubtedly been boosted by Mourinho’s praise as he keeps repaying the manager’s faith with solid performances.

He has developed a blossoming relationship with Marcos Rojo in the backline, but it’ll be interesting to see how it plans out once Eric Bailly returns to the side.

Jones has received back-to-back Man of the Match award nominations in the last two Premier League games, and hopes are he can keep himself fit as he looks to finally reach his potential under Mourinho.

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