Ray Wilkins: This is why Manchester United will finish in the top four

by Leo Nieboer

Former Manchester United midfielder Ray Wilkins believes that Manchester United will reach the top four this season following their excellent run of form entering the new year.

Jose Mourinho’s men, after winning their first three Premier League games, only managed two league wins from early September to December, leaving them way behind the top four.

However, following wins over Tottenham Hotspur, Crystal Palace, West Bromwich Albion and Sunderland, Man United sit just four points behind fourth placed Arsenal *sniggers*.

Speaking on TalkSPORT earlier today, Wilkins claimed that United’s recent momentum will see them breach the top four spots this season.

“Yeah I think United will finish in the top four,” he said. 

“I think we are in for a real classic end of the season I really do. Once you’re on a roll at Old Trafford, that roll will only get bigger and bigger and bigger.

“It appears at this moment in time it’s just changing again whereby they’re putting teams under an immense amount of pressure and creating a load of chances.

“Therefore I expect United to be there.”

Momentum is a powerful thing in the Premier League. Recent years have seen United display promise, win a few games, only to then falter, unable to ride the wave of positivity and confidence. But Mourinho, it should be noted, is a master of momentum, of sustaining the right mentality over a long period of time.

Prior to his arrival the 53-year-old only lost nine league games at home throughout his entire career, with a win percentage of 80 per cent. His presence instils a sense of grit and tenacity, making any side he manages a truly intractable outfit. And similar developments are now coming to the fore at Old Trafford, with his current side now unbeaten in eleven games.

United fans will hope to see their side maintain this superb record heading into the new year.

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