Theo Griezmann is fuelling Antoine Griezmann to Manchester United rumours…and loving it

by Sam Peoples

By now it’s well known that Antoine Griezmann’s brother Theo is a big fan of Manchester United and he is clearly enjoying fuelling rumours linking him with a move to Old Trafford.

Earlier this week, Theo sent a message to Memphis Depay after his debut for Olympique Lyonnais telling him that Old Trafford was better and on Tuesday afternoon, Theo went a bit simpler with his tweet. He sent out a picture of Old Trafford with no caption at all:

Is Theo aware of what he is doing? Does a bear shit in the woods? For Man United fans it’s all good news, it keeps the Griezmann to Man United rumours in the press. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when Antoine sits down for dinner with his brother next because it won’t be helping the stories die down. Who knows, maybe Griezmann knows exactly what Theo is doing and is happy he’s doing it.

Just like Bastian Schweinsteiger‘s brother was over the moon when he joined United, Theo will be delighted if Antoine does complete his move to Manchester and by the looks of it he’s going to do everything he can to try an influence a move. I’m just waiting for Theo to tweet out a picture of Griezmann photoshopped into a United kit.

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