Warren Joyce: Paul Pogba’s attitude could hamper his ambition to become the best

by Tanveer Arayan

Warren Joyce has warned Paul Pogba not to let his off-field activities distract him from his ambition to become the world’s best player.

The Frenchman’s former mentor returns to Old Trafford on Sunday afternoon with Wigan Athletic in the FA Cup.

He helped Pogba develop during his early career at Man United as the reserve team coach, before the midfielder left for Juventus following a fallout with Sir Alex Ferguson.

Speaking about his situation at Old Trafford, Joyce has warned Pogba he needs to focus on showcasing his talent.

And when Joyce was asked if it could hamper his ambition to be the world’s No.1 player, he said: “That depends on him, really,” he said.

“It depends whether he keeps having them stupid haircuts, and is involved in too many gimmicks off the field!

“That’s up to him what he does – and that’s me being critical of him. But you can’t remember Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs doing very much of that.”

Despite the warning, Joyce admires Pogba’s goal to excel, adding: “He always had that goal. Whether he was regarded as it or not, he wanted to be the best player in the world.

He came under heavy scrutiny with his social media presence and marketing stunts as he suffered to perform against Liverpool, but managed to launch an emoji before the game and a fashion line a day after one of his worst performances in a United shirt.

He has the right mentality to develop and although some of his decisions are questionable, he undoubtedly has the talent to succeed at Old Trafford.

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