Jose Mourinho reacts after Manchester United’s 0-0 draw against Hull City

by Leo Nieboer

Jose Mourinho was in a prickly mood following Manchester United’s 0-0 draw with Hull City in the Premier League, insisting that the rules are different for him.

The home side begun brightly, moving the ball around with intent, but struggled to carve out many clear openings in front of goal.

More frustration was set to arrive in the second half, with Mourinho’s men coming agonisingly close to breaking the deadlock during the latter stages.

The 54-year-old, speaking after the game, was quick to vent his frustration following a truly miserable evening.

“The rules for me are different,” he said.

“Unlike other managers, I am told I could be sent to the stand if I show too much passion.

“We didn’t score. You don’t score, it is not possible to win. Their goalkeeper was good.

“We needed to score, we needed more time to play. If you played 35-40 minutes in both halves, it is a lot. I think Hull City tried to see where they could go, the way they could behave and tried to see what the referee would allow them to do.

“They had the feedback and were comfortable to do what they did. I am not critical of that. They are fighting against relegation and every point is gold.”

Mourinho has clearly taken note of Jurgen Klopp’s recent antics – growingly volcanic and yet, for some reason, constantly unpunished – towards fourth officials, but the Portuguese should know that such remarks just generate unnecessary levels of hysteria.

Perhaps this is a tactic in itself: create a story that forces public attention away from the real story – which is, in this case, and not for the first time, Man United’s total dysfunction in front of goal.

A nine-game winning run briefly tricked supporters into thinking that their side’s goalscoring malaise had subsided, but the same ineptitude is back with a vengeance, and Mourinho will know that his side simply cannot afford any more performances of a similar nature if they want to preserve hopes of a top four finish.

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