Zlatan Ibrahimovic opens up about his goal target at Manchester United this season

by Tanveer Arayan

Zlatan Ibrahimovic insists he won’t reveal his personal goal target at Manchester United, but claims he hasn’t reached it yet.

The big Swede has been remarkable since his arrival at Old Trafford in the summer and found his 20th goal during his first season in England in the 3-0 victory over Leicester City at the King Power stadium on Sunday evening.

He ended his time at Paris St Germain with 44 goals for the French club and has silenced his critics by becoming United’s first player to score 20 in a season in the post-Sir Alex Ferguson era at Old Trafford.

Speaking about his situation at the club, Zlatan claims he will keep on producing the goods at Old Trafford.

“I still produce and do my best and I get a lot of help from my team mates. I know there were many people who said I wouldn’t even score 20 but that is nothing I focus on,” said Ibrahimovic.

“For me the main objective is to help my team win and do their best and afterwards we see what happens. We have some games left so hopefully I will get more.

“I have a target in my head but I will not say it! I am not there yet. But I have a target and it is something I have been doing never year and it is nothing new for me.

“I keep producing. I have 20 goals and seven assists. The statistic is in reach like it has been before in other years, except for last year which was a crazy year!

“Everything motivates me, all the targets, all the other critics, all the atmosphere coming to Premier League and bringing more followers to the Premier League. So yes, I feel good, I feel good.”

He’s had an exceptional time at Man United and after many believed he wouldn’t be able to deal with the intensity of football in England, especially as he enters the latter stages of his career, Zlatan has done well to back up his fine wine theory.

Ibrahimovic offers more than just goals, as a player that’s won everything there is to win all over the world, he’s an inspirational figure for youngsters at the club and is a real leader.

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