Jose Mourinho opens up on Man United’s summer transfer plans

by Sam Peoples

Jose Mourinho is happy with the balance he’s currently got in his Manchester United squad but is still intending to bring in up to four players in the summer.

The Portuguese manager signed four players in his first summer as Man United manager and all of them have established themselves as key members of his squad since then, in stark comparison to a lot of Louis van Gaal‘s signings who have already been shipped out of the club.

Speaking in his Watford press conference (transcribed by Manchester Evening News), Mourinho offered real insight into how Man United will approach the summer transfer window.

“First of all, yesterday I had to ask a friend about churn because I had no idea,” he said.

“It’s a new word for my vocabulary, you have to learn every time you can and I thank Ed for that word because I didn’t have an idea.

“He’s completely right, of course we speak about it, of course we speak about what next and we know that we have a squad that like every squad needs changes.

“But we know also that our squad has potential, our squad has good players, many of them in the best age, the age of evolution and it’s not our philosophy, independent of the numbers, can you spend one, 10 or 100 million, independent of the numbers, it’s also the philosophy, the idea and we look at it in this way.

“We prefer to bring two, three or four players, but good players, players that feel an idea, a football that we try to play, that can improve our squad, we are not interested in sell sign six or seven and buy six or seven and from this six or seven, only one or two are great quality or the others are the same as the ones we are selling.

“We are not going to play this game, we are stable, so we think that our market in the summer will be soft, will be natural, some players to leave, some players to come but in a very natural way so I think the word Ed used was a good one.”

Will Antoine Griezmann be making his way to Old Trafford and follow in Paul Pogba’s footsteps? Will Mourinho bring in a new centre-back? Will Michael Carrick be replaced this summer? There are a few questions in the current squad which will no doubt be answered in the summer and speculation will be rife as it is always is around the transfer window when it comes to United.

Mourinho bought very smartly in his first summer and I expect him and Ed Woodward to approach the upcoming window in very much the same fashion. United were methodical and got exactly who we wanted because our negotiations were spot on, here’s hoping that trend continues.

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