Man United fans delighted with Paul Pogba’s performance against St. Etienne

by Leo Nieboer

Manchester United fans were quick to heap praise on Paul Pogba during their side’s 3-0 win over Saint Etienne in the Europa League last 32.

The Frenchman, facing his brother Florentin, came out on top following a performance blessed with urgency and power at the heart of midfield.

Man United fans were quick to heap praise on the 23-year-old in light of what was an almost complete performance.

I would like to know where this current United side would be if Pogba’s teammates managed to convert, say, 50% of the chances he puts on a plate for them. I mean, how many gorgeous lobs over the top has Pogba made, only to see someone shank the ball off target?

The Frenchman produces emphatic, technically mouth-watering performances every week, and the most amazing thing is that, actually, his teammates are doing him a disservice. Nobody would even muster even the slightest jeer in Pogba’s direction if the players around him took greater advantage of his magnetism in the middle of the park.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic will no doubt lap up the headlines tomorrow morning following his first hat-trick for United, but make no mistake: Pogba was the architect of this ultimately comfortable win.

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