Eric Cantona explains how he feels about Zlatan Ibrahimovic at Manchester United

by Tanveer Arayan

Eric Cantona has opened up about his thoughts on Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s impact at Manchester United, claiming he’ll have a massive role in nurturing the next generation of talent at Old Trafford.

The big Swede has silenced critics since his arrival at the club since many believed he wouldn’t be able to cope with the intensity of the Premier League, but he’s already found 25 goals during his time at Old Trafford.

He’s claimed silverware all over the world and is a good role model for the younger players in the team, as the first-team squad have been very vocal about his impact at Old Trafford.

Speaking about Zlatan, Cantona claims the experience of his game will be highly beneficial for Mourinho.
“He is a great player and a strong personality,” said Cantona.

“He played for Milan, he played for Barcelona so he knows all the about the pressure, he understands it and he has proved that he is also a great man.

“There are two kinds of older players, the ones that don’t like the young ones because they want to play and they can destroy them, and the others who will help.

“I remember when I was 17, I played with [Andrzej] Szarmach. He was Polish, he played in two World Cup semi-finals, he was a great player and he helped me so much.

“I remember this and said to myself when I am older, I will try to do the same, and I’m sure Ibrahimovic does the same.

“He is very helpful for young players because he is a great player with a strong personality, and he is the right older player who wants to help the younger ones.

“It’s very important to have an experienced player who gives examples to the other ones.”

Nobody thought Zlatan would perform as well as he has in England as the 35-year-old enters the latter stages of his career, but he’s reinforced the fine wine comparison, improving his game as he’s aged.

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