Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s incredible clearances, counter attack and goal vs Southampton

by Sam Peoples

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s man of the match performance against Southampton was impressive and least not his late winner to win Manchester United the EFL Cup, but it becomes even more impressive when you watch the minutes leading to that goal.

Aged 35, Ibrahimovic’s desire and work ethic really cannot be questioned and the build-up to his winner is proof of that. Back in defence, Ibrahimovic clears not one but two crosses into the box before beginning a counter-attack which he then went on to finish with a clinical header.

Here’s a video of that goal from start to finish:

It was an outstanding example to every other United player that Ibrahimovic puts his team first and just another reason to love the big Swedish striker that little bit more.

Jose Mourinho’s summer signings have all embedded themselves into a new-look Man United team superbly but nobody has had such a profound impact on the character of United than Ibrahimovic. He embodies the right changes which are happening to help United get back on top and he’s now just four goals shy of already having 30 goals for the season. What a player.

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