Anthony Martial pictured showcasing his love for Man United on his rest day

by Leo Nieboer

Anthony Martial has been showcasing his love for Manchester United on his day off, using a heart emoji to caption a video of Old Trafford as he drove past.

It was reported over the January transfer window that Martial, left out of the starting XI by Jose Mourinho, was unhappy at Old Trafford and keen on a move elsewhere.

The Frenchman, in response, was quick to label such reports as false and has since gone on to produce a number of powerful displays on the left hand side.

He took to Instagram earlier this week to further demonstrate his love for the club with this video.

An important reason behind why noise surrounding Martial’s predicament refused to die down was, in part, down to the Frenchman himself. Not because he was actively seeking a move elsewhere, nor because his relationship with Mourinho broke down, but instead because, as a character, Martial is quite difficult to pin down.

His natural countenance conveys an ambiguous mixture of quiet contemplation – the kind of contemplation one goes through when their friend says something that doesn’t quite add up – and total relaxation. Neither happy or sad, but instead in a kind of latent, neutral state, seemingly averse to expressing any concrete emotions.

But you can tell that, deep down below the surface, Martial adores the club, cares about the badge, and wants to impose himself whenever he gets the chance.

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