Sir Alex Ferguson tells colleagues Jose Mourinho is the right manager for Man United

by Leo Nieboer

Sir Alex Ferguson has told club colleagues that he feels Jose Mourinho is the right manager for Manchester United and indeed the man that should have taken over at Old Trafford following his retirement in 2013, according to reports.

The former boss chose David Moyes over Mourinho, still in charge of Real Madrid at the time, as his successor back in 2013, only for the Scot to depart the club ten months later following a truly tumultuous campaign.

However, with Mourinho now at the helm, Man United supporters have witnessed their side – now with 16 wins from their last 20 games – rediscover some much-needed zeal going forward in recent months.

And Ferguson, according to the Daily Mail‘s Matt Lawton and Mike Keegan, has told colleagues at the club that Mourinho is the right man for the job – a notion reciprocated other senior club officials.

There may have been a moment on Sunday when Sir Alex, watching on at Wembley, had a moment of regret for the way he – and indeed the entire board – bluntly ignored Mourinho back in 2013. It was thought at the time that the Portuguese, a notably short-fused manager, would not be able to uphold Ferguson’s legacy of longevity at Old Trafford.

This may still be true, but nobody can deny that United’s late, dramatic, undeserved win at Wembley was reminiscent of the glorious days of yesteryear.

As for the concept of whether Mourinho should have replaced Fergie when he did retire, there were plenty of reds who were on a high horse feeling we could move on without bringing in Mourinho. Then David Moyes happened, followed by Louis van Gaal. Any moral high ground United fans had was quickly levelled out by the three years which came after Fergie.

Ultimately, Moyes was Fergie’s biggest mistake as United manager and the club suffered off the back of it but we’re now in a position under Mourinho where we are regaining strength and momentum. We’re now looking able to compete again, we’re now looking like United again.

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