Wayne Rooney ‘sure’ Tyrone Mings will be punished for stamping on Zlatan Ibrahimovic

by Sam Peoples

Wayne Rooney expects Tyrone Mings to be punished retrospectively for stamping on Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s head.

In what looked like a disgusting and intentional stamp for Mings, Ibrahimovic was left holding his head on the floor but got some immediate retribution by elbowing him while challenging for a corner (too right).

Speaking about the incident after the game, Rooney labelled the stamp as ‘wrong’ and said there was no place for actions like that in football.

“I don’t think he’s seen Mings stamp on Zlatan’s head – I was right there – it’s wrong,” Rooney said.

“Everyone likes to go in for tackle in the game but to try and stamp on a player’s head is wrong – there’s no place for it.

“I’m sure there will be punishment after the game.”

Mings was questioned about the incident after the game and said it wasn’t an intentional stamp but anybody who has watched the replay can see plain and simple that it was. He looked down at Ibrahimovic before following through with his foot, you don’t do that by accident.

At this moment it isn’t known whether referee Kevin Friend saw Ibrahimovic’s elbow and if he didn’t then there could be retrospective bans for the pair of then. However one thing is for sure – Mings is going to get himself an extended holiday thanks to the ban which is on its way to him.

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