Paul Merson: Manchester United will not give Zlatan Ibrahimovic a two year contract

by Leo Nieboer

Former Arsenal winger Paul Merson believes that Manchester United will not hand Zlatan Ibrahimovic a two year contract.

It was reported last week that Jose Mourinho, following Ibrahimovic’s match-winning display in the League Cup final, was keen on offering the Swede a new contract that would keep him at Old Trafford until 2019.

Zlatan, who signed a one year deal over the summer, has claimed 26 goals so far this season, but it remains unclear as to whether the 35-year-old will remain at Man United beyond the 2016/17 campaign.

And Merson, speaking on Sky Sports, believes that United would not entertain the idea of offering Zlatan a two year contract.

“No [Man United won’t give him a two-year deal], I don’t think so, I really don’t,” he said.

“I say that because I don’t think anyone else would give him that, so why would Man United be held to ransom?”

This is vintage Merson – to completely ignore the fact that, actually, United need Zlatan more than Zlatan needs United and then go on to claim that the Swede is holding the club to ransom, like some bad guy in a film, is bewildering to say the least.

Either way, the question surrounding whether Zlatan will remain at Old Trafford for longer than a year won’t receive an answer until the summer. The Swede’s time at the top, as noted by the man himself, is contingent on how he feels in his own body and mind. Right now, of course, all signs are green when it comes to the Swede’s wellbeing, but United fans will have to wait until he decides on his future once the exertions of this season are over.

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