Picture: FC Rostov’s pitch in terrible condition for Man United match

by Sam Peoples

Jose Mourinho is understandably furious with the condition of FC Rostov’s game with Manchester United on Thursday.

The freezing conditions in Russia mean the grass is sparse on the Rostov surface, leading to concerns over injuries which Man United’s players may pick up during the match.

Having looked at a few photos of the surface, it’s really not hard to see why Mourinho is angry. Take a look for yourself:


I mean, look how bouncy the ball is on the pitch!

When speaking about the pitch, Mourinho didn’t hold back. He said: “I don’t know [what I can do], I really don’t know.

“I was analysing this very good opponents that we didn’t speak about yet, and in their previous matches against Bayern, Ajax, Atletico Madrid, in all these matches it looked for me a very playable pitch.

“I was very surprised with what I found here today.”

United are just going to have to cope with the state of the pitch and Mourinho will have to manage the situation by trying to make sure no player picks up an unnecessary injury. It might explain why Luke Shaw was left at home and would make it a surprise if Henrikh Mkhitaryan played any part against Rostov.

The Europa League is what it is and until United get back into the Champions League we’re going to have to deal with things like this. It’ll be tricky but as long as we’re still comfortably in the tie going back to Old Trafford we’ll be in a good position, that’ll be the main focus tomorrow (and avoiding injuries, of course).

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