Jose Mourinho opens up about his relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson

by Leo Nieboer

Jose Mourinho has opened up about his relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United, noting that the nature of their friendship hasn’t changed since he took charge at Old Trafford.

Ferguson was heavily involved in the club’s decision to opt for David Moyes over Mourinho when it came to choosing his successor back in 2013 – a decision he later came to rue.

The Scot has reportedly told senior colleagues at the club that, in spite of his former side’s current place in the Premier League table, Mourinho is heading in the right direction at Man United.

And Mourinho, speaking ahead of the clash with FC Rostov, was quick to note that his relationship with the great Scot has continued as it did before.

“We’ve the same relationship as before, a call or a text message in Christmas, a birthday or before an important game,” he said.

“He once traveled with us to London, I told him it was nonsense & he can take a private train or a car but he came with us in the end.

“Even if I don’t reach that massive success which is harder and harder in England but I get some success I can see myself here for long.”

Ferguson’s decision to turn a blind eye towards Mourinho back in 2013 was largely underpinned by the Scot’s desire to maintain a sense of longevity at the club – something that the Portuguese has never managed to do.

But the beautiful game’s overall complexion has changed since then, with the art of building a footballing dynasty largely dying out and being replaced instead with a desire for immediate success. The modern game has lost a sense of patience when it comes to managers – just ask Arsene Wenger.

This is why Mourinho has now managed to garner the support of Ferguson: the latter has realised that, actually, the 54-year-old strategy of quick-fix success aligns with the current footballing climate in England.

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