Jose Mourinho explains how he feels about Manchester United’s Glazer family owners

by Tanveer Arayan

Jose Mourinho was full of praise to the patience of Manchester United’s owners the Glazer family and their English attitude to running the Old Trafford club.

They’ve come under heavy scrutiny from sections of Man United supporters since taking over at the club in 2015, however they’ve helped the side turn into a brand with massive commercial strength following the controversial debt that was placed on the club.

Following Claudio Ranieri’s sacking from Leicester City earlier this season after winning the Premier League title last campaign, Mourinho was glad that Man United have still been able to keep hold of their old-school value.

“The most important quality for a manager in this multifunctional job is to know how to deal with pressure, meaning in the current environment where football is a passion for normal people, but for others, it is an industry,” he said.

“Even in this country (England), which is home to tradition and stability, everything is in the process of becoming screwed up. The clubs are owned by foreign investors, no longer by traditional English people with the policies that came with that.

“Last season, I was sacked by Chelsea six months after becoming champion. The same of Ranieri this season with Leicester. This job is becoming crazy!

“For Ranieri, I think it was the success which was impossible to duplicate. He did something that he could not repeat. And people in the club were not loyal enough to understand that.

“It seemed obvious that, this season, they were going to find themselves in this situation. They did not understand that. They sacrificed their magician.

“To be honest, I do not consider the success that Leicester had as normal.

“In my case, at Manchester United, it is different. I am lucky to have stable, intelligent owners who understand the English mentality in terms of the project and patience.

“The problem, is that modern society is toppling this stability. I lost matches at the beginning of the season, or sometimes I did not win them. I felt the confidence of my board. They said to me: “You have time, work. We believe in you.” Outside, it was different.”

He was full of praise for the Glazers as they took the heat off earlier in the season while he had a mixed start, not long before he rallied to win the EFL Cup.

It’s great to hear Mourinho happy at Old Trafford as there’s no doubt he was the right one to take the side forward, as the improvements have already been visible since the day he took over.

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