Bryan Robson: Luke Shaw can have a big impact at Manchester United

by Leo Nieboer

Former Manchester United captain Bryan Robson believes that Luke Shaw can still have a big impact at Old Trafford under Jose Mourinho.

The Englishman enjoyed a strong start to the season, producing powerful performances at left back during games against Leicester City, AFC Bournemouth, Southampton, Hull City and Manchester City.

He was then singled out for criticism by Jose Mourinho following a 3-1 defeat to Watford and has since gone on to manage just 70 minutes of Premier League action since October.

But Robson believes that there is still more to come from the 21-year-old over the next year or so.

Returning to the first team after ten months on the sidelines was never going to be easy for Shaw – somebody who has, it should be noted, always struggled with the psychological aspects of playing at the highest level. That double leg break in Eindhoven will have an indelible mark on not just his approach as a professional but indeed on his psyche as well.

Mourinho will always seek to field players that can guarantee a constant output of his tactical vision over a long stretch of time. This is indeed why Antonio Valencia has enjoyed so much success this season. The Englishman, however, continues to struggle with reaching the standards set by the 54-year-old; supporters will just hope that he receives the chance to regain that long-lost sense of momentum ahead of the 2017/18 season.

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