Bryan Robson would love to see Alexis Sanchez at Manchester United

by Leo Nieboer

Former Manchester United captain Bryan Robson has admitted that he would want to see Alexis Sanchez arrive at Old Trafford over the summer.

It was recently reported that the 54-year-old had called Sanchez, clearly an unsettled figure at the Emirates, ahead of a potential summer move.

The Chilean has been Arsenal’s standout performer in what has been a turbulent season for the Gunners, scoring 22 goals and recording 12 assists.

And Robson, when asked about who he would like to see wear the No.7 shirt at Old Trafford next season, was quick to pinpoint the 28-year-old as an ideal option.

“I know that Sanchez seems to be a bit unsettled at Arsenal,” he said. “He wears number seven at Arsenal. I wouldn’t mind seeing Sanchez come in wearing the number seven for Manchester United.”

Sanchez has always been more of a Mourinho player than an Arsene Wenger player, and Arsenal’s inevitable – and this time more severe – descent into mediocrity ticks on, such a notion has been highlighted more than ever.

Wenger, as we all know, likes to see his side build in phases, carefully working the ball into spaces before pouncing at the right moment. And this is where the disjunct between Sanchez and Arsenal occurs: the Chilean has always placed emphasis on thriving off instinct and bursting forward in a more direct, unpredictable manner, and such an approach has, at times, hampered Arsenal’s build-up play this season this season.

He would, one suspects, feel more at home playing under Mourinho’s system, which revolves around a more direct and instinctive ‘killer ball’ approach.

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