Jose Mourinho opens up about Manchester United’s training schedule

by Tanveer Arayan

Jose Mourinho insists Manchester United have not been able to train during their busy schedule of fixtures as players have just been able to recover from previous matches.

His side have been playing two games a week in the Premier League and Europa League Quarter-final in April, and following the recent injury crisis, he also hasn’t been able to rotate some players.

Man United need to keep their options open as they look to get back into the Champions League and with the team four points behind fourth-placed Manchester City, there’s still two ways to get back into the competition ahead of next season.

Speaking about the team, Mourinho claims it has been impossible for him to build up the intensity at this moment.

“We don’t train,” he said.

“We recover for matches, we try to get players the best conditions to recover, but honestly, on the pitch, there are no conditions to work. We work with players not involved in the match and try to get some players to help us in the last part of the season but we don’t train.

“We analyse matches, we analyse opponents, but the work on the pitch, the dynamic, the intensity in this moment is impossible.”

The recent draws have only made the task at hand harder in the league, which is why the Europa League still seems like United’s best chance of getting back into the Champions League.

Mourinho will be hoping that none of his players get injured as he continues to play them across competitions.

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