Ander Herrera: Zlatan Ibrahimovic will be back for Manchester United

by Leo Nieboer

Ander Herrera has insisted that Zlatan Ibrahimovic will come back from injury and play for Manchester United again under Jose Mourinho.

The Swede suffered “significant” knee ligament damage during Man United’s 2-1 win over Anderlecht last week and will miss the rest of the season.

Jose Mourinho conceded that recovering from such an affliction at the age of 35 would be very difficult, but Zlatan has since insisted he would come back even stronger.

And Herrera, speaking after United’s 2-0 win over Burnley, was adamant that Ibrahimovic would return to his best at Old Trafford.

“Of course he can (get back),” he said.

“First because he is privileged physically. His physique, his body is one of the best I have ever seen so I think it will be easier for him to get back than others.

“But of course he is 35, he will have to work very, very hard, be very patient. But I have no doubt he will be back because he loves football, he loves to win, he loves to score goals.

“He loves to train every day. Every day he wants to win, every box, every football tennis, everything in training, so I have no doubt he will be back.

“But we have to be, everyone, supporting them – not only Zlatan also Marcos because they are really bad moments for them.”

Logic would dictate that this injury marks the end for Ibrahimovic. This latest affliction – the most monumental of his career – will keep him out for at least six months, one suspects. Coming back into the fold after such a long period is hard for, say, 27-year-olds. Most never fully recover. It is hard to ignore Zlatan’s age when it comes to something like this.

Then again, the 35-year-old has made a habit of defying logic this season, claiming 28 goals – and a League Cup – when most people predicted him to fail. Write the man off at your peril.

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